Making warm chocolate memories

Making warm chocolate memoriesPictured, from left, are Claire Borits, Robert Kendall, Sue Wolfe, and Brandon Clark at the Allen F. Pierce Free Library's 100th anniversary celebration in January 2012.

Sue Wolfe, dedicated librarian at the Allen F. Pierce Free Library in Troy for over 40 years passed away on Jan. 17. The Troy Pennysaver Plus would like to run this story from 2012 as a tribute to her dedication to our community. Those who knew her remember her as a literary angel.

“I brought Hershey’s kisses for this,” said Sue Wolfe, librarian at the Allen F. Pierce Free Library in Troy.

Making warm chocolate memories
Pictured, from left, are Claire Borits, Robert Kendall, Sue Wolfe, and Brandon Clark at the Allen F. Pierce Free Library’s 100th anniversary celebration in January 2012.

Wolfe was referring to the 100th birthday open house for the library on Friday and Saturday, Jan. 20 and 21. During those two days, over 50 visitors and patrons came to celebrate and appreciate the growth that our town library has made over the years. Wolfe and librarian assistant Zelmy Arbona had arranged photo albums, scrapbooks, log books, a guest book to sign, and a special library memories book where patrons could write in their first library memory, favorite book, favorite author and any additional comments. There was also a table with lots of snacks along with coffee, tea and best of all, hot chocolate.

Brandon Clark was one of the patrons at the open house. He headed right for the hot chocolate. “My first book from the school library was Curious George and he’s still my favorite today,” said Clark.

Sarah Mirabile, a senior at Troy High School, had finished her finals and signed out of school early. She said, “Why not come to the library?” 

Virginia Hough said, “Troy is very fortunate to have a library like this.”

“There’s no such thing as an ex-librarian,” said Claire Borits. “They’re always checking out books!”

It’s amazing to think of all the books that have been checked out of our library over those 100 years. On Jan. 20, 1912 as the Troy Free Public Library located in the Civic Building, the first borrower was David Compton. The second borrower was Harold Gustin. On Jan. 20, 2012 as the Allen F. Pierce Free Library, the first borrower was Anna Scheck. The second borrower was Samantha Castle.

 “It’s the librarian that makes the library a place we love,” Rose Lovell wrote in the memory book. “Susan knows what her readers like and gets them for us. She helps us find good authors and stretches our minds. Many of us ‘shop’ the library with large tote bags!”

Another patron wrote, “Books take you wherever you want to go. You can use your imagination and with a good book, you can be there.”

Sarah Mirabile added her own thoughts about reading to the memory book, “It’s taken me on many adventures.” She wrote that her first library memory was “reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Mrs. Richards’ second grade.”

Carolyn Wilston wrote, “I hope you enjoy 100 more years!”

The Allen F. Pierce Free Library has been a very special place for so many.  And it will continue to be there with a very important message for all who enter its door:

“Open a book, open a mind, open a future.”

Sue Wolfe, the warm chocolate memories you made for us that day, will now be memories of your years as the library’s “Literary Angel.”

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  1. Sue was the heart of the Alan F Pierce Library. I always looked forward to seeing her when I visited the library.

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