DIY Kits for children offered through BCRAC

DIY Kits for children offered through BCRACictured is a necklace that was created using the Art Again Paper Beads Art Kit. Kit materials include instructions, a brief history of paper beads, glue, paint brush for applying the glue, precut paper, a dowel for rolling, and thread for stringing your finished beads. Provided photo.

The Bradford County Regional Arts Council (BCRAC) recently announced the completion of another set of 100 sponsored Art Again Art Kits. With this kit, children will be able to create their very own paper bead jewelry out of recycled and donated crafting materials.  

While crafting their paper beads, children will decide whether they want their beads to fashion into a stylish necklace, bracelet, or maybe even a keychain!  Children who complete this kit will also have the opportunity to learn about the functional history of paper beads.   

Kits will be available for pick up over the next few weeks at the Keystone, Rialto, and Sayre Theatres during their regular Curbside Popcorn hours. Child Hunger Outreach Partners (CHOP) will also have kits available for pick up at the Rome Fire Hall on Monday, July 13 during their pop up pantry. Kits are available while supplies last.

Art Again Art Kits are created and distributed by the Bradford County Regional Arts Council with distribution assistance by Child Hunger Outreach Partners (CHOP). Further support includes Tioga Downs, United Way of Bradford County, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Sponsors of materials include Renae Chamberlain, Alexis Johnston, Elaine Poost, and local community members that contributed to our Arts Materials Drive.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Art Again Art Kits, donating crafting materials for the kits, or would like to sponsor an Art Kit, call the BCRAC office at (570) 268-ARTS (2787) for more information.

The BCRAC, established in 1976, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and supporting a thriving regional arts community by advocating for the Arts, cultivation quality arts programming and preserving Bradford County’s historic theatres as venues for performances, community events, and movies. 

For more information, visit BCRAC online at or 

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