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Possession: Two people face multiple charges after Sayre police pulled over a Dodge Nitro on July 4.

According to police, the vehicle was initially spotted traveling at a high rate of speed east on Cayuta Street and then failed to stop for a flashing red light on North Thomas Avenue before crossing into the opposite lane of travel. Approaching the vehicle, police smelled burned marijuana. The driver, 20-year-old Kristopher Lee Watkins of North Towanda Township, admitted to recently smoking marijuana while the front seat passenger, 20-year-old Kaitlynn Elizabeth Cornish of Milan, told police they could find a small glass jar with marijuana in the weeds nearby that she claimed “might have fallen out of the car.” Police also found several marijuana buds and shake on her seat, on the passenger side floorboard, and in the center console area. A plastic straw that could be used for rolling a blunt was also found in the center console.

Cornish was charged with misdemeanor charges of tamper with/fabricate physical evidence, possession or distribution of a small amount of marijuana, and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. Watkins was charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence of a controlled substance; possession of a controlled substance, drugs, device, or cosmetic; possession or distribution of a small amount of marijuana; and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as summary careless driving and disregard flashing red signal.

Drug possession: A homeless woman from New York State was charged with misdemeanor intentional possession of a controlled substance by person not registered, and two counts of misdemeanor use/possession of drug paraphernalia following a Feb. 3 incident.

According to Athens Borough police, an SUV initially caught their attention while driving through the Valley Playland shortly before midnight, when the park was closed. The vehicle then drove onto South River Street and then north onto Cove Street, where it was traveling in the opposite lane. Kristen M. Stevens, 20, was a passenger in the vehicle, and found in possession of seven plastic baggies and a small glass container with suspected methamphetamine inside.

Drug paraphernalia: Two Gillett residents face charges following a July 3 incident outside of the Best Western.

According to Sayre Borough police, Hunter I. Stone, 22, and Maryah Jane Stone, 26, had admitted to using methamphetamine within the past couple of weeks after police found a glass-smoking device inside their truck and a baggie containing methamphetamine. Police also found Maryah in possession of a switchblade.

Both were charged with misdemeanor use/possession of drug paraphernalia, while Maryah was also charged with misdemeanor make repairs/sell/etc offensive weapon.

Drug paraphernalia: A Meshoppen woman was charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia along with the summary violations of driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked and driving unregistered vehicle she was pulled over on June 1 for a faulty brake light.

According to Sayre Borough police, 28-year-old Christina Scott Paris was unable to provide her registration or insurance, had a suspended driver’s license, and had a warrant for her arrest. Police also found two plastic bags with residue, three butane torches, a multi-colored glass smoking device with THC residue, a metal smoking device with THC residue, a blue plastic snort tube, a glass methamphetamine pipe with residue, a clear glass smoking device, 10 pieces of aluminum foil commonly used to ingest narcotics, and four plastic bags with methamphetamine residue. The investigation is ongoing.

DUI: A Sayre man faces misdemeanor charges of DUI of alcohol or controlled substance and DUI of alcohol — highest rate of alcohol, along with multiple summary violations, following an early morning May 31 motorcycle crash on Riverside Drive that sent him over his handlebars and into a road sign.

According to Athens Township police, Maesin Riley Tinnin was traveling south on Riverside Drive and admittedly too fast for conditions due to being angry. He also admitted to having three or four mixed drinks before getting on his motorcycle. While nearing the area of Glen Valley Road, Tinnin failed to negotiate a sweeping left curve in the roadway and his motorcycle ended up hitting a guiderail. The impact ejected him from the seat and into a road sign before going over an embankment. Initial testing of blood samples taken after his admission to the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital revealed a .16% blood alcohol concentration. Additional testing through N.M.S. labs came back with a .182% blood alcohol concentration. Tinnin was also found without an inspection for his motorcycle, a motorcycle endorsement for his license, and a registration plate that was not displayed horizontally as required. He was also not wearing a helmet.

Corruption of minors: A Sayre man faces two counts of misdemeanor corruption of minors after allegedly offering drugs and alcohol to underage high school girls over Snapchat in exchange for nude pictures or other sexual favors.

According to Sayre police, Riley Gavin Kepner-Card, 27, first showed up to the police station on March 8 saying his phone was hacked and that later he heard that the hacker had messaged several high school girls. During a follow up interview, Kepner-Card told police he might have inappropriately messaged several girls while drunk. Kepner-Card also admitted to having sexual relations with a girl who might have been underage, police noted.

Drug paraphernalia: A Waverly man faces the misdemeanor charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and prohibited offensive weapons following a June 26 response to a report of unwanted people outside of the Comfort Inn who were under the influence.

According to Athens Township police, 27-year-old Jacob Robert-Allen Franks, who was found inside a hotel room, admitted that one of the suspects found outside, Lucas A. Franks, had used drugs inside the room. A search of the room revealed three glass pipes used to smoke methamphetamine or heroin, two of which had residue, along with a bong, a .357 caliber replica CO2 powered bb gun, and a pair of brass knuckles.

DUI: A Sayre man faces several charges after police found that a truck parked at a North East Street residence on July 9 had a dead tag and no valid registration.

According to Sayre Borough police, Kevin Robert Campbell, 44, was pulled over after leaving the home. Police said they could faintly smell alcohol and marijuana from inside the vehicle, and found a cold, open can of Bud Light on the passenger floorboard, a small clear bag with suspected crystal methamphetamine residue, a black Zytel spike knife, and a multicolored glass pipe with burned marijuana residue. Campbell was taken into custody following standard field sobriety testing, although a preliminary breath test showed no signs of alcohol. Campbell refused a chemical blood test due to recently smoking marijuana. Police noted that Campbell’s license was previously suspended for DUI and he was on probation.

Campbell was charged with misdemeanor DUI: controlled substance, prohibited offensive weapons, and use/possession of drug paraphernalia along with the summary violations of driving while suspended DUI related, required financial responsibility, and driving an unregistered vehicle.

Terroristic threats: Canton Borough Police Department has charged Richard L. Waugh, 36, of Canton with terroristic threats with intention to terrorize another following an incident on June 12.

According to court records, officers were dispatched to North Center Street around 4:45 p.m. after receiving reports that Waugh struck a victim in the face and was wielding a knife.

Police documents show that upon arriving at the scene officers were told Waugh had fled on foot, so police patrolled the area but did not locate him. A motorist then told police they saw Waugh run across Troy Street and travel west.

Officers found Waugh and a knife was found on his person, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

A report was given to police that stated that Waugh threatened a victim with the knife, attempted to stab her and broke her necklace and hit her in the face with it. Reportedly, Waugh threatened to “slit the throat” of another victim as well.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Waugh on July 22 before Magisterial District Judge Jonathan Wilcox.

Strangulation charge: Canton Borough Police Department has charged Shatner G. Barrett, 32, of Canton with simple assault, strangulation and harassment following an incident on June 1.

According to police records, officers responded to a residence on Elm Street around 9 p.m. after reports of a disturbance.

Police witnessed Barrett, in the middle of Elm Street toward the police vehicle, put his hands in the air, drop to his knees and place his hands behind his head without being told to do so.

When officers approached him he told them he had been in a physical fight with a victim and “he knows he is going to jail,” according to court documents.

An affidavit of probable cause stated that Barrett told police that he was attacked by a victim and pushed her off of him, left the residence and went next door. Police checked Barrett and found a bite mark on his upper arm and fresh scratches on both his lower arms.

Police observed recent injuries to the victim’s face and neck including her right eye being black and swollen shut, the left side of her face being red, blood in the white portion of her eye and finger mark impressions and scratches around her throat, according to police reports, which officers noted are “consistent with being strangled.”

Officers were told that Barrett backhanded the victim in the right side of the face, slapped the left side of the face then choked her with both of his hands around her neck when she began to “claw” at his arms because she could not breath and stated to black out but he slipped in water and fell backward, allowing her to get away from him, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Barrett has a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 22 before Magisterial District Judge Jonathan Wilcox.

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