Library to host Zoom presentation on General U.S. Grant

Library to host Zoom presentation on General U.S. GrantHere, Kenneth J. Serfass portrays General U.S. Grant. (Provided photo)

The Bradford County Library presents Kenneth J. Serfass, Gunnery Sgt USMC (retired), as General U.S. Grant, discussing Grant’s Life and Myths on Monday, July 27 at 6 p.m. This event will be available through Zoom only. Call (570) 297-2436 or email to register for this event. 

In this program, U.S. Grant will tell how his reactions and decisions as a boy and young military officer shaped the man he became and how those same incidents that led to those decisions were all part of a greater destiny than any of us could decide for ourselves to lead a “safe and good” life.

Popular myth in our age has distorted the truth about U.S. Grant in many instances, and Ken’s program is meant to give the guests a better understanding of who Grant really was by bringing him to life so they can interact with him as a friend might to learn more about who he really is.

Library to host Zoom presentation on General U.S. Grant

Here, Kenneth J. Serfass portrays General U.S. Grant. (Provided photo)

Gunnery Sgt Kenneth J. Serfass was born in Bethlehem, Pa. A U.S. Marine since 1984, his final tour was with the First Marine Division Band during Operation Iraqi Freedom, retiring from the Marine Corps in July of 2004 to become a music teacher.  

Ken was a Civil War re-enactor, but now is a first-person impressionist with nearly 50 years of study of his childhood hero, U.S. Grant. As a full-time professional living historian portraying Ulysses S. Grant, he presents between 11 and 23 appearances each month between February and December every year.  

Ken began appearing as General Grant in 2009 while living in San Diego Calif. In 2015 he was invited to join The Federal Generals Corps, a living history club hosting first person impressions of many of the most well known Union generals in the American Civil War, to be their “Ulysses S. Grant.”  

In a press release from The Bradford County Library, they wrote, “Entertaining and educational, Ken’s work has generated a great following of supporters who share his love of American history and the attributes of positive role models throughout our national past. It is with a profound honor that he tells the story of one of America’s greatest military leaders. Ken takes it very seriously to reaffirm Grant’s place of honor among the most respected people of our nation’s history.” 

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