Experience the nature of their passions

Experience the nature of their passionsDisplays showing the connection between Sara Hamburger's sculpture and Chelsea Wagner's photography. Provided photo.

“We have art again,” said Deb Harer, referring to the display currently at the State of the Art Gallery in Troy. “Two local artists teamed up for this display. It’s a must see!”

The State of the Art Gallery is in the same building as the Deb Harer State Farm Insurance office. The gallery has been a showcase for many artists and crafts persons over the years. 

Experience the nature of their passions

The State of the Art Gallery is in the same building as Deb Harer State Farm in Troy (Photo by C. R. Wagner)

The current display is a combination of sculpture and photography; and shows the influence two artists have had on each other. Sara Hamburger and Chelsea Wagner share mutual themes, though expressing them through different media. According to Harer, the work of both artists express a deep emotion and love of nature, as well as a love for the medium with which they work.

Hamburger perceives her art as a journey that she does with a passion. She has evolved into her own as a sculptor. She has made a name for herself as the “Untamed Artist” welding unique and creative art pieces. As an instructor Hamburger’s philosophy has always been to encourage her students to create in their own voice, not restricting them to any particular style.

“I enjoy all art by local artists who contribute to our gallery,” said Harer. “Chelsea Wagner is an amazing photographer. She has been a contributor to our gallery on more than one occasion.”

Experience the nature of their passions

Sara Hamburger works on a sculpture. Provided photo.

“Chelsea and Sara work well when displaying their art together,” continued Harer. “Currently on display are mutual themes as envisioned by each artist’s specialty.”

Both artists have a love of animals that shows in their work. Wagner has written on behalf of rescued animals at the local shelters. While Hamburger was employed at Animal Care Sanctuary she worked patiently with the animals and made quite a difference in their lives. She also developed an intern program that brought college students and their skills to the shelter. This similar passion for the good of animals kept the paths of these two artists on a parallel track for several years. 

Wagner first met Hamburger when she was covering a story on the Saturday morning art program at Mansfield University. Hamburger was the graduate art student in charge of the program. The caliber and quality of the program, as well as the children’s art on display were excellent. The following year, Hamburger did her art internship with the Troy School District elementary art teacher. Since Wagner was teaching second grade at that time, she got to see more of the creativity that Hamburger possessed. They were able to work together sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Experience the nature of their passions

Display at State of the Art by Sara Hamburger and Chelsea Wagner. Provided photo.

Now, years later, as the two artists continue their artistic relationship through the display at State of the Art Gallery, they are sharing it with the community. It shows the inspiration between the two artists and the parallel in their work. Wagner looks at nature and sees a photograph. Hamburger sees a photograph, taken of the natural world and creates an artistic sculpture.

“Chelsea’s art comes from a place of child-like explorative creativity, which I find inspiring in the world around us,” said Hamburger. “In a world where we so often try to add artificial ingredients to our artwork, she thrives off of capturing the beauty that is already present in the world around us. In a world where we overlook every day beauty, Chelsea teaches us through her photography to do just that.”

Experience the nature of their passions

Displays showing the connection between Sara Hamburger’s sculpture and Chelsea Wagner’s photography. Provided photo.

“I have enjoyed knowing Sara as she has become that passionate person, using art as her means of expression,” said Wagner. “Sara gets out there and turns scraps of metal into art. Look closely at her work. It’s amazing to see how she patiently puts it all together. I love watching her work evolve into an animal or a flower. Sara knows how to take everyday, forgotten objects and make them come alive. She has a drive to keep going and learn new things every day. It makes her the artist that she is.”

The State of the Art Gallery’s goal is to provide a special place enabling local artists to display their work, educating the public to the creative talent we have in our community. If anyone is interested in sharing his or her talents, contact Harer or anyone on her team at State Farm by calling (570) 297-3207.

“I appreciate, as does the community, that Sara and Chelsea are sharing their talents with all of us,” said Deb Harer. “If you haven’t been by, please stop in. You will not be disappointed!”

Experience the nature of their passions

Displays showing the connection between Sara Hamburger’s sculpture and Chelsea Wagner’s photography. Provided photo.

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