Bradford County pups shine bright for Puppy Bowl

Bradford County pups shine bright for Puppy BowlPictured, from left, are Roper, Bullseye and Roxy on the field. Provided photo.

WBRE’s news program, PA Live, hosted four of Bradford County’s best looking puppies on Friday, Aug. 28 for Clear the Shelters month. WBRE invited Bradford County Humane Society (BCHS) to bring kittens or puppies to WBRE’s live newscast for the Puppy Bowl in the final week of Clear the Shelters.    

BCHS had some puppies that had been abandoned a few weeks earlier at the facility. When they were cleaned up, vaccinated, and clear of fleas they were amazingly photogenic and well behaved little pups.   

Since all the other shelters were bringing cats or kittens, BCHS elected to bring on the dogs. As it happened, the kittens were beautiful, but they were not very enthused about being on TV.   

Bradford County pups shine bright for Puppy Bowl

Christopher Bohinski holds Bullseye, while Haley Bianco handles both Roxy and Roper. Provided photo.

The BCHS pups arrived at 10:30 in the morning and performed like stars until about 4:30 in the afternoon when they lost their cool, chewed on the news people, and ate an expensive microphone. 

Roper, the brindle and white puppy was strong and never silent. The dark brindle and white female, Roxy, was quick and decisively in charge of her three burly brothers. Rawhide, with the white face, was cool and thoughtful, and did the weather forecast several times through the day, held like a bag of flour by the weatherman. Bullseye, the brown and white pup was intelligent and full of mischievous plans.  

The thing about the puppies that made them stars is that they played and were rambunctious until they were picked up, and then they suddenly would freeze into place and look like stately bankers or senators. Their chins were tucked and their eyes serious.  

All of the puppies were adopted within about two days, after transport to BCHS’ partner shelter, Chemung SPCA in Big Flats, where the larger staff at Chemung was able to sort through all the adoption requests. Maryanne Bell and Cassidy Estelle of BCHS were invited back to PA Live to do a monthly feature of Pet of the Week, which they eagerly accepted.   

Bradford County Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, and a United Way of Bradford County Agency. All adoptable pets at BCHS may be seen at

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