Bradford County Humane Society hopes to expand

Bradford County Humane Society hopes to expandPictured, is Bram, who is in need of accommodations. Provided photo.

Bram is one of the more unusual dogs brought to Bradford County Humane Society (BCHS) by State Dog Warden, Jim Johnson. He attracts a lot of attention from visitors looking for an adoptable dog because he is beautiful, and charged with a Marlon Brando type independent attitude.  

He’s not an aggressive dog; he just doesn’t want anyone to get close to him.  Bram’s been at the shelter since March 2020, and he still practices polite growling and avoidance of all humans, although he doesn’t hide in his dog-loo anymore.  

His attitude is not too surprising since Bram started life in Columbia Crossroads, as one of two abandoned puppies who lived on community handouts, while never getting too close to anyone.  

Bram ran with his brother for a couple of years, but then his brother disappeared and Bram was trapped by Jim Johnson and brought to BCHS. Bram has been an outside dog, which is what he prefers to be, since it is what he has always been.  His improving relationship with humans is progressing slowly.  

It seems like it will take years before he will be a comfortable couch potato family dog, but it is possible. With winter approaching, BCHS needs to find better solutions for Bram.  

In the last few months, the BCHS Board of Directors has been developing plans to enlarge the current facility to serve several purposes. Because BCHS is the facility where police or the dog warden would bring dogs that need to be quarantined after a biting incident, the BCHS Board has recognized the need to build some indoor / outdoor kennels which would allow longer term kenneling of dogs that should not be touched.  

Although these kennels would ordinarily house dogs that are considered dangerous, these kennels could also house a dog like Bram who really wants his space.  

Christopher Todd, an architect who has great sympathy for animals, whipped up some plans for BCHS, which fulfill the most serious needs including a new area for adopters to interact with the dogs they are considering for adoption, a new clinical area for the consulting veterinarian, and two roomy indoor / outdoor dog runs for dogs like Bram, or for dogs who are quarantined.  

Right now, BCHS is getting price estimates and bids to realize the dream drawn by Chris Todd. After the estimates, BCHS will raise funds for the building through grants and local appeals.  

Although it would be nice to have it built by tomorrow, it will probably take several years before the building is ready. That will not help Bram this winter.  

Anyone with ideas for winter accommodations for Bram should contact Bradford County Humane Society at 

BCHS is a no-kill shelter, and a United Way of Bradford County Agency. Adoptable pets may be viewed online at

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