Heritage Garden Club News

Heritage Garden Club NewsDebbie Lutz shows fox fur. Provided photo.

The members of the Heritage Garden Club held their November meeting on Nov. 2 at the Heritage Village and Farm Museum. Debbie Lutz of the Bradford County Heritage Association Board of Directors gave the program, Native Americans in Bradford County. 

Debbie explained how the village living was for the Native Americans in our areas. For most, their homes consisted of a wigwam made of peeled bark depending on the availability of wood.  

The Algonquins (of the Delaware, Nanticoke and Shawnee tribes) lived in oval or round shaped wigwams. The Iroquois built long houses out of saplings and bark, mostly white birch bark.  

Heritage Garden Club News

Debbie Lutz shows buffalo tanned hide. Provided photo.

Debbie showed the varieties of pelts from the hunted buffalo, elk, beaver, fox, coyote, opossum, and bear. The first crops in the gardens were “gourds and sunflowers.” Their major food crop was corn, beans and squash. Gourds were used to cook in, with flat stones for lids.  

The canoe on display was made 15 feet long, where in Indian life canoes were 21 feet long and made of elm-bark, better yet was birch bark, but the canoe birch did not grow in Pennsylvania. In the winter they would sink the canoe so it wouldn’t dry out.  

Heritage Garden Club News

Pictured is a display of canoe and wildlife animal hides. Provided photo.

Club members toured the museum’s cases of stone utensils and arrowheads. On display was an Atlatl, a long spear used by the thrower, giving more velocity and thrust for hunting. Debbie explained the air conditions they have to keep in the museum as far as humidity in order to keep all the specimens on display in the best condition.

The business meeting followed the program. President Charlotte Lyon called the meeting to order. There were six members present with one new member, Cindy Shaylor. The club presented her with the Heritage Garden Club’s 2020 yearbook.  

Barb Andrus and Charlotte Lyon hosted the refreshments. The main treat was the Club’s 25th Anniversary cake. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this anniversary could not be celebrated as planned. The pumpkin arrangement consisted of a colorful collection of dried Statice that Charlotte Lyon grew in her garden.

Treasurer Vivian Hall reported a $610.00 donation from JoAnn Chappell’s Memorial service. Members will purchase a birdbath to be placed in the Herb garden at the Mitchell house in her memory.  

The Civic Committee reported the Fall baskets are done, some of the pedestal basket posts are in need of painting.  

Regarding the Butterfly Garden at Mt. Pisgah, Charlotte reports that Rich Gulyas has not forgotten them; he said a State Resource Specialist would evaluate it. Charlotte relates an article in the Farmers Friend by Sue Bowman describes that Asters have the best nectar source.

Heritage Garden Club News

Pictured is the 25th Anniversary Cake and Pumpkin Arrangement of Statice grown by Charlotte Lyon. Provided photo.

Under New Business, The Smokey Bear / Woodsy Owl Poster contest entries are due by Dec. 1. The rules are for first through fifth grade. This year the posters will be for Woodsy Owl only, since this is its 50th birthday. There is also a youth poetry contest; the theme is “Exploring Backyard Mysteries, and the deadline is Dec. 2, 2020. Contact Charlotte Lyon or Judy Warn for more information.  

Barb Andrus reports she is taking the Environmental School Course 1 on Zoom on Nov. 19 and Nov. 20. It was decided since most of this year’s meeting have been cancelled due to the COVID restrictions, that the annual Christmas party would be cancelled. A Zoom meeting is planned for December to finalize the year and hold election of Officers for 2021.  

For sale are Atlas Garden Gloves for $6.00 a pair. Contact Barb Andrus at (570) 297-3043. The proceeds benefit District V.

The Duboistown Garden Club is having a Garden Market Craft Show on Dec. 4 and 5, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The location is 513 Glenwood Ave. in Williamsport, Pa. Guests are asked to wear masks and adhere to social distancing. Text (570) 974-9083 for more information.

The McEwensville Garden Club is selling Winterberries at $7.00 a bunch. They have to be pre-ordered and prepaid. Pick up will be at the McEwensville Community Hall, located at 2578 Susquehanna Trail in McEwensville, Pa., on Nov. 20 and Nov. 21. Contact Sharon Miller at plantlovr@windstream.net.

The Heritage Garden Club is a member of National Garden Clubs and the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.

They are always looking for new members who would like to garden and learn to share their experiences. Contact Club President Charlotte Lyon or any member of the club; they meet on the first Monday of the month from March to December.

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