Bradford County Historical Society to hold Annual Book Sale.

Due to the pandemic, the annual book sale of the Bradford County Historical Society will be held online. The sale, which will run from now until Dec. 16, can be accessed by visiting and click on “2020 Book Sale” in the lower left corner of the page. All sales will be completed through the site and purchases will be mailed postage free to arrive by Christmas. Due to USPS shipping delays as a result of COVID-19, they suggest placing your order early in order to receive it in plenty of time.

The PA Museums Institutional Award-winning publication, “Defending Democracy: Bradford County in World War I, A Centennial Remembrance,” is the largest new publication released by the Society in over 20 years. Virtually unlike any book previously published by BCHS, Defending Democracy has a beautiful full cover glossy cover with amazing graphics. The book contains 516 pages; 18 chapters with added appendix; 280 previously unpublished black and white photographs; a full list of over 2,100 Bradford County World War I soldiers; a complete surname index; a section to record your own family’s participation in the war; and so much more. 

The book is filled with personal stories of Bradford County soldiers, news accounts, memories and data that together describe the experiences of Bradford County Soldiers from the time they were drafted to the time they were discharged. Stories of Bradford County’s Red Cross work during the war and participation by our nurses in the war are also recorded. This book will be treasured for generations to come.

The reprint of “History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania – 1770-1878,” will be available at the sale. The book was produced using cover material and paper like the original book, making this a collector’s edition for all local history fans and researchers alike. The production of this history in 1878 by Rev. David Craft was the first major project done by the Bradford County Historical Society after it was formed in 1870. Craft was appointed by the society to write the history; it is considered one of the best county histories ever published for that period.  The Craft history (as well as all other reprints of the society) contains an added index that makes finding your ancestor or subject much easier as the originals did not include indexes.

The wonderful history of our ghost mountain, “Barclay Mountain-A History,” will be available at a discounted price. The 359-page book, published in 2007, features 32 chapters that are full of historical documentation, interviews, and transcriptions of oral history with 400 plus photos of people and places over two centuries.

Another featured item at this year’s sale will be the 128-page, full color, hard cover, indexed atlas, “Maps of Bradford Country, Pennsylvania – 1858,” reprinted by the Bradford County Historical Society. This book features a map of each township and borough, and shows the location of houses and buildings and their ownership in 1858. The entire set of maps is indexed, making it easy to quickly locate your ancestor or property. 

Reprints of local history such as the “Romance of Old Barclay” along with writings of other local historians will be available at the sale.

The late Staley N. Clarke wrote the “Romance of Old Barclay” in 1928. He tells the story of the mountain and the coalmines along with the stories of some of the people who came to Bradford County to work there. Every little town on the mountain is mentioned in the book. There is also a listing of Barclay Mountain residents employed in the mines.

Some of the other books that will be available include “Our Boys in Blue,” Clement Heverly’s history of Bradford County in the Civil War; the new “History of Bradford County”; and 1995, which features 1,400 submitted family stories and the histories of town and townships, churches, schools and businesses, industry, military, cemetery, and Century Farms. Please note this book cannot be reprinted so when the supply available at the museum is depleted it will no longer be available. “Guthrie 100 Years of Health Care” a photo history of Guthrie along with the works of several local authors can also be acquired at the annual sale. 

Great stocking stuffers are the Bradford County Playing Cards. There are three versions of the playing cards that have images of famous Bradford County people and places with a succinct history of the image on the card. The SS. Peter and Paul playing cards and the Wysox Presbyterian Church cards are available as well. 

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