Guthrie postpones some non-emergent surgeries

Guthrie hospitals are caring for an increasing number of patients with COVID. As of last week, 109 patients with COVID were hospitalized at Guthrie facilities, 48 of them at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. 

“As the number of positive cases in our communities continues to rise, we can expect the number of COVID patients requiring hospitalization to increase as well,” Guthrie wrote in a release. 

They added that this increase places heavy demands on hospital resources and staff. As a result, Guthrie is postponing select inpatient, non-emergency surgeries.

Non-emergent surgeries are those that are scheduled in advance because they do not involve a medical emergency. Postponing some of these surgeries preserves their ability to provide emergency surgeries and care for patients admitted through the Emergency Department. 

They explained, however, that not all surgeries would be affected. The surgery schedule will be reviewed two weeks in advance, and decisions about which surgeries can be safely postponed will be made in consultation with surgeons. Patients will be notified when the final decision is made regarding their surgery. 

Urgent and emergency procedures and surgeries will continue at all Guthrie hospitals. 

While Guthrie is taking the steps necessary to meet the communities’ health care needs during the pandemic, they are asking everyone to partner with them to reduce the spread and minimize the demands placed on hospitals. 

A Guthrie representative stated, in the release, “Avoid crowds and social gatherings with people who are not members of your household, wash your hand frequently and wear a mask.”

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