Guthrie begins to administer first COVID-19 vaccines 

Guthrie has received its first allotment of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and has begun to administer the shot to frontline staff most at risk of contracting the virus. While the vaccine will eventually be offered to all employees, spanning all 22 communities that Guthrie serves, priority has been given, as directed by Pennsylvania and New York State Departments of Health, to staff who have prolonged exposure to positive or potentially positive patients.  

Guthrie’s President and CEO, Dr. Joseph Scopelliti, stated, “Guthrie is excited to be able to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to our staff on the frontlines of this pandemic. While we must all continue to be vigilant in helping to stop the spread of COVID in our communities, the vaccine will put us one step closer to overcoming it.”   

To date, nearly 400 staff members from Guthrie’s three Pennsylvania hospitals have received the Pfizer vaccine. Guthrie expected to receive its first allotment of the Moderna vaccine from the New York State Department of Health last week. Guthrie awaits additional guidance from the Pennsylvania and New York State Departments of Health on administering the vaccine to the next tier of employees and to the public.   

You can view footage from their announcement here,

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