Guilt Free Gourmet

Guilt Free GourmetAnna Bradford and her daughter Lana bake together. Provided photo.

Anna Bradford grew up in Bradford County in a nature and health-loving home. As an adult she found that she loved to bake for her family. But several of her family members were on special diets that limited their intake of carbs and sugar.  She started looking into alternate recipes that took out the carbs, replacing them with fat and protein. She found a Keto cookbook and was soon influenced by its author, Brittany Angell.

“I was inspired to go beyond the Paleo to create food that could fool sugar-lovers’ taste buds,” said Bradford. “But also bring yummy food to my whole family.”

“I don’t use fake sugars,” said Bradford. “I don’t use chemical sweeteners. My use of natural, low–glycemic flours and sweeteners create a winning, gut-happy combination.”

She uses organic and local ingredients when possible and all of her ingredients are non-gluten containing.

Some of the flours she uses include almond, coconut, lupine (a bean) and cassava (a root).

“And a whole lot of love!” Bradford added.

Guilt Free Gourmet

Pictured are miniature cupcakes – Death by Chocolate and low carb vanilla, on the left, and a low carb chocolate chip muffin surrounded by low carb Christmas cut out cookies. (Photo by C. R. Wagner)

She uses no aluminum foil or chemical sprays when she bakes. Instead she uses silicone reusable cupcake liners. She found that using low carb ingredients and paper liners didn’t work very well.

“When baking with low carb ingredients it’s important to use something to help retain the moisture in your baking,” explained Bradford. “Paper muffin liners absorb over 50% of the moisture, resulting in a dry product.”

Bradford has baked for many years trying to perfect her use of non-traditional flours and low glycemic natural sugars. She was successful since her family loved it. 

Guilt Free Gourmet

Pictured is a low carb French silk pie. Provided photo.

Bradford got her recipes from various on-line sources and adapted them for her own needs. When she felt that she had perfected some of her recipes enough, she decided to offer her baked goods to others beyond her family. She started her online business, “Guilt Free Gourmet.” 

“I felt there were people who needed this,” said Bradford. “People in our community needed another option.”

Bradford found that her recipes were healthy for a body’s blood sugar because it doesn’t get blood sugar spikes. And according to Bradford, one full size cupcake, including frosting, nets only 2.5 grams of carbs, which is less than 200 calories.

Guilt Free Gourmet

Daughter Claire is pictured with low carb mini muffins – pumpkin and chocolate. Provided photo.

“Because of how low it is on the glycemic index, your body won’t experience the spike, and therefore the crash of a traditional sugar laden cupcake. But you’ll sacrifice none of the enjoyment of eating a traditional dessert,” said Bradford. “And it’s guilt free!”

“Her cupcakes are awesome!” said Dan Wagner. “They taste homemade. They remind me of the cake my sister’s neighbor used to make. I always ordered a large double layer cake when I had to bring a dish to pass.”

Guilt Free Gourmet

Anna Bradford spoons muffin dough into reusable silicone cupcake liners. Provided photo.

In addition to her cupcakes, menu items include muffins, pies, cookies, brownies, bread, pasta, rolls, Naan, bagels and other special treats. She also has some specially prepared meals. She has nutrition facts available. 

“There are a lot of people who need that information for their specialty diets and lifestyles,” explained Bradford. 

For more information, call (570) 295-8808 or email to 

Guilt Free Gourmet

Pictured are vanilla cupcakes with trio icing flavors. Provided photo.

Bradford bakes all of her items in a USDA certified kitchen. She buys from as many local sources as possible.

“Community is family,” said Bradford, “And that’s important to me.”

“I wanted to give my kids a real childhood,” continued Bradford. “I can make a low carb corn dog that will knock your socks off!”

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