Police Briefs

Retail theft: Aaron D. Reynolds, 31, of Barton, N.Y. was charged with the misdemeanors for retail theft – take merchandise and making repairs / sell / etc. offensive weapons, and the use / possession of drug paraphernalia – controlled substance.

The Athens Township Police Department said that on Sept. 3, 2020, an officer was dispatched to the Walmart on Elmira Street in Sayre Borough for an alleged theft that was currently happening.

An officer met with Reynolds and a female as they were exiting Walmart with unpaid-for items in their carts and their clothes, according to the criminal complaint.

Court documents show that when asked if they were stealing, they said they had paid for everything. The female provided the officer with a receipt that did not match all of the items that were in the cart. After Reynolds pulled a lighter that was still in the package from his pocket, the officer sent them over to the Walmart office to speak with an associate about the unpaid-for items.

An associate was able to determine that the stolen merchandise on their person and in the carts was valued at $164.92.

At that time, they were both placed into custody for retail theft, according to the criminal complaint.

The officer recovered a small clear plastic box containing suspected methamphetamine residue, a blue Ziploc baggie containing suspected methamphetamine or heroin residue, a red rubber due with white residue inside, and a prohibited assisted open knife from Reynolds.

A female officer then searched the female and she uncovered a green snort rube suspected for use with methamphetamine, tweezers, and another $45.72 in stolen merchandise.

Reynolds was arraigned on Feb. 23 and confined to the Bradford County Correctional facility where he is unable to post a $25,000 bail for drug charges from another incident.

Drug manufacturing: Aaron D. Reynolds, 31, of Barton, was charged with the felony for the manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver.

The Sayre Borough Police Department said that on Feb. 19, an officer was conducting a search warrant on a 1999 Pontiac Firebird with NY registration in the impound lot that Reynolds had been seen driving with a female in the passenger seat.

According to the criminal complaint, police uncovered: a green container with white residue, a purple container with white residue, a black snap-on container with white residue, a black dagger, a blue torch, a metal container with unused pink baggies commonly used for packaging narcotics for sales, containers with Q-tips, a black change purse with numerous paraphernalia and residue, numerous containers with residue, a black gun laser attachment, a knife sharpener, an orange zip container with more pink baggies commonly used in drug sales, and a baggie tied at the top containing an unknown white substance weighing at about 11.8 grams.

Reynolds was confined to the Bradford County Correctional Facility on Feb. 23 where he is currently unable to post a $25,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. on March 22.

Stealing: Megan Catherine DeKay, 30, of Sayre, was charged with the misdemeanor for unlawful taking – movable property.

The Sayre Borough Police Department said that at noon on Feb. 15, the department received a call from someone who said they were missing $40 and two Best Buy gift cards valued at $100 each. The victim told police that he had hired a company to clean his house on Jan. 7, and that different employees of that company covered different areas of the house, according to the criminal complaint. He said that the missing $40 was on a dresser in his walk-in closet in his bedroom, where cologne bottles had also been moved around.

He told police that when he couldn’t find his cash, he put his Best Buy gift cards in the dresser for safekeeping, and didn’t think about it again until a week later when his wife gave him another one and he realized that he should have had four total instead of two.

After speaking with the owner of the company, it was determined that the victim had been reimbursed for the missing cash, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Police gained confirmation that DeKay was assigned to the bedroom and walk-in closet that day and requested an interview with her, in which she admitted to taking the gift cards.

A preliminary hearing is set for 10:43 on March 30.

DUI: Chase Manhatten Platt, 19, of Sayre, was charged with the misdemeanors for DUI: controlled substance – schedule 1 – first offense, and DUI: controlled substance – metabolite – first offense, and the simple violation of duties at stop sign.

The Sayre Borough Police Department said that at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 29, an officer attempted to follow a red vehicle when it accelerated to a high rate of speed and failed to completely stop at a stop sign on West Packer Avenue. The officer was able to catch up and pulled the car over at Riverfront Park in Sayre Borough. When he made contact with the driver, Platt, he immediately noted a smell of marijuana.

The officer asked Platt to step out of the car and noted that the marijuana smell was coming from the car and his person. Platt had droopy eyelids, eye tremors, and red glossy eyes, according to the criminal complaint.

After failing sobriety tests, Platt consented to a legal blood draw at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital.

Charges were filed at a later date and both methamphetamine and THC were found in his system.

A preliminary hearing is set for 10 a.m. on March 26.

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