Pennysaver to Suspend Publication

Troy Pennysaver Plus

Publication of the Troy Pennysaver Plus will be suspended indefinitely at the end of this month, according to the president of its parent company headquartered at the Daily Review and the Towanda Printing Company. Kelly Luvison said the March 28 edition of the Troy Pennysaver Plus will be its last, but he did not rule out the possibility that it could return to print at some point. 

Luvison said the growing pressures on all small-market shopper publications and the current economic climate contributed to the decision to stop printing the company’s Troy publication at this time. The Pennysaver had been struggling financially for the past few years and the lingering downturns related to COVID-19 have worsened that situation considerably.

“More than ever,” said Luvison, “we need to focus our resources on our publications that are successful.”

He added, “Overall, we have weathered the difficult conditions of 2020 and early 2021 fairly well. Our Daily & Sunday Review newspaper and website have strong readership and better support than ever in Troy and the surrounding areas, so we need to focus our energy and our good people where we can be successful for years to come.”  

Longtime Pennysaver employee Mia Hodlofski will remain with the company full-time, representing the newspaper in western Bradford County from her office in Troy. Neither Hodlofski nor Luvison ruled out the possibility that the Pennysaver could be resurrected in some form or fashion in the future if local business conditions warrant it.  

But Luvison also stressed that the health and popularity of the company’s daily newspaper provides the best assurance of continued news coverage and advertising value in the Troy area.

For home-delivery of The Daily & Sunday Review, please call (570) 265-2151, ext. 1657. Mention the Troy Pennysaver Plus and receive our very best subscription offer. Or subscribe online at and click “Subscribe” on our home page.

Advertising inquiries should be directed to Mia Hodlofski at Advertisers can also contact Mia directly at (570) 265-2151, ext. 1615.

News items and requests should be directed to Editor Matt Hicks at or by calling (570) 265-2151, ext. 1628.

Ongoing business transactions and inquiries related specifically to Troy Pennysaver Plus accounts should be directed to: The Daily Review, c/o Tina Deppe, 116 Main St., Towanda, Pa. 18848.  You can also call (570) 265-2151, ext. 1602 or email to

The company truly appreciates the patronage of all those who have read, advertised, contributed and otherwise supported the Troy Pennysaver Plus over the years. We know that sustainable local newspapers are more important than ever, and we hope you will continue to support our efforts to provide news, sports, advertising, and other services to the Troy area for the long-term. 

-The Publisher

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