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Owego Pennysaver
181-183 Front Street
Owego, NY 13827
Phone: (607) 687-2434

The Susquehanna County Independent/Weekender
180 Church Street
Montrose PA 18801
Phone: (570) 278-6397

Troy Pennysaver
778 Canton Street
Troy, PA 16947
Phone: (570) 297-4158

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  1. I no longer receive The Troy Pennysaver,(probably a month now). Did you change motor route carrier? I have a double compartment mailbox with newspaper holder. I really miss my copy and would like to receive it again. Thanks. Jim Blackwell 21398 Route 14 Troy,Pa.16947

  2. I have lost the address of my friend, Alaire Smith-Miller, who sent me a card saying she had moved back into the area (NY state). I live in the town where Alaire used to practice (Shrewsbury, Vermont). Can you please send me her new contact information? Thank you!

  3. I would like to place a 60th wedding announcement with a picture can you give me a price quote please

    • Best thing to do is call our office at (570) 297-4158 and speak with a sales representative. This is the best way to get the information you need, based on the size and placement of your advertisement. Hope this helps!

  4. I am trying to find how to contact your paper about an article that my brother posted about my Dad’s military career and let you know all the information on it is wrong.He was just about 3 when we lost our Father in WW2 It was an article about pvt Carl Jasper Waffle and the flag they showed in the picture is now in your museum.

  5. All I want to do is correct the mistakes in that story. Such as my Dad did NOT serve in the Pacific He was in the European Theater, died at the Battle of the Bulge. Any help you could give I would truly appreciate. I just want the truth printed about it. Thank you .

  6. Would like the see if you can make the story right. It will probably be in your archives.

  7. My daughter said she didn’t think you would be interested doing any think about it.

    • Violet – Do you know when the article was printed, approximately, and by who? I can try and find this for you.

  8. I would like the article corrected also !!!

  9. Michelle Spencer | September 22, 2017 at 2:11 am | Reply

    Wondering if there is a new delivery person in Granville Summit, as we hardly ever receive a Pennysaver anymore.

    • Best thing to do is call our office at (570) 297-4158 and let them know your address, and that you aren’t receiving your paper. They will look into this. Hope this helps, and have a great day!

  10. Terry Thompson | February 7, 2019 at 4:10 pm | Reply

    Who would I need to contact to run a small add for an available place to rent our small piece of property.

  11. I live at McCallum Manor in Canton,Pa. and we have not received our weekly Penny Savor papers. What is the problem?? Normally we get them delivered on Friday night and get to enjoy the paper. Unfortunately, we have been forgoten and we are not happy about this, we are older patrons of Canton, PA. maybe we don’t give you enough credit for service, but we really rely on this publication. Please deliver to us.!!!!

    • I will forward this to circulation so we can find out what is going on here! Thanks for letting us know. You can also call our office at (507) 297-4158 and speak to the front desk.

  12. Beverly a smith 36 church st.millerton,pa 16936 9423 | June 1, 2019 at 12:41 pm | Reply

    Why don,t we get pennysaver anymore?what can I do to get it.i miss it.

    • I will pass this along to circulation. Maybe they have a new carrier in that area. My apologies, and hopefully we can straighten this out. Have a great day.

    • Beverly,

      I talked to circulation, and this is one of the areas that was cut from distribution. I am not sure why, so I would suggest that you call our Troy office at (570) 297-4158 and speak with them on Monday. Maybe they can help you out.

      Wendy Post

  13. I want my paper, delivered

    • If you can send us your address, I can pass this along to circulation. Or, you can call our Troy office at (570) 297-4158 to speak with someone personally.

  14. Why are we no longer receiving the paper on Prospect St. On Prospect St. Troy?

  15. I would like to contact Wendy Post. Can you help me? Feel free to share my email with her and/or my phone 570-637-5103.
    Thank you

  16. Have you Stopped the delivery of the Pennysavers?neither I or my Neighbors have Received any since December?

    • We still deliver, but sometimes the carriers change. Please call 687-2434 on Monday after 9 a.m. and let Brenda know so we can be sure you get your delivery. Sorry for your inconvenience, and we will work to get this straightened around.

    • I’m sorry, I should have included the area code; the number is (607) 687-2434.

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